Privacy Orders now available.

Privacy Orders now available.

Why private orders?

Once you get into Bitcoin, you quickly realize how important privacy is and that you have already lost too much of it. For this reason, we decided to offer a way to allow customers to place orders as anonymously as possible.


Who gets my data?

The store is, as you can read under Who we are, built on a print on demand model, which means that the order goes to our manufacturer (Printful) and they ship the goods directly to the customer. Furthermore, the store is hosted by Shopify. The data is deleted cyclically, but if you want to be on the safe side, you now have the option.


How does the private order work?

To prevent your data from being forwarded to Shopify and Printful you can now place your order via email to You can list the items you want to order, or you can fill your shopping cart in the store and send the screenshot. Important here is also the desired payment method to specify. Then you will receive your personal offer and payment details. If you are satisfied with the offer, you only have to make the payment and send the data of your address, then I can trigger the order. The order is then sent to the company address and we send the order on to the customer. This way, neither Shopify nor Printful can access your data. will delete your data after the 30-day return period.
If your delivery address is in Tyrol, the goods can also be picked up directly by arrangement. There is also the possibility to receive ordered goods at an event, if we are represented at events.


What are the trade-offs?

As every Bitcoiner knows, privacy goes hand in hand with more work. That's why there is a small surcharge on your order for private orders. The amount of the surcharge is calculated individually and varies depending on the size of the order and the delivery location. If the price is too high for you, you are of course free to cancel the offer.
The second trade-off is the extended delivery time, since the goods must be shipped twice.
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