My Path is a project that I started in autumn 2022. It came about because my discovery of Bitcoin led to many changes in my life. Bitcoin has shown me a path that I was desperately looking for in my previous life, but couldn't find. It has always been clear to me that the system we live in is broken, what led to it and how to get out of it I learned through Bitcoin.
I first came across Bitcoin in 2013 when the big darknet markets became popular. I dismissed the phenomenon as unimportant at the time and didn't look into it further. A few years later, a good friend of mine bought Bitcoin and even then I was not ready and only asked what he wanted with it and that ordering on the darknet was too risky anyway. Again, I forgot all that and occupied myself with other things. More years passed until 2020 when the lockdowns started. The first "pandemic" year also somehow passed me by, with a lot of anger in my stomach and perplexity about what the future might look like, with all the restrictions we already had and those that may still come.
At Easter 2021, my brother told me about one of his colleagues who had just set up a complete carpentry workshop, financed by crypto profits. This now finally piqued my curiosity and I wanted to do the same. I was never a saver and had no reserves, so "quick profits" were in my eyes the only way to get a lot of money. I had little knowledge of business and economics, but the feeling that our money was not working properly was always present.
Eventually, out of hope for big profits, I started looking into the crypto space. In May 2021 I bought my first Sats, followed by some other crap. I continued to look further and further into the matter, with the focus drifting further and further towards Bitcoin. However, I still couldn't put down the Shitcoinery that easily. I was getting more and more FOMO because I couldn't fix my mistake of not getting into crypto earlier. I was looking for ideas on how to make money fast after realizing in early 2022 that crypto trading was not leading to the hoped-for goal either.
Finally, the reports around various NFT projects picked up speed, in which there was also talk of 11 year olds who earned millions from the playroom. I thought to myself, what they can do I can do too and finally started to work on my own NFT collection. I created heaps of images and started to build the infrastructure for it. I invested over half a year of my time in this project, but at that point I was dealing exclusively with bitcoin content, unless I needed info to build the project. The more my project progressed, the more I started to doubt my intention, until I finally attended the BTC22 in Innsbruck. This conference gave me the finish and I realized that the work of the last months had no added value. The project was technically finished and was on the test network of a blockchain that I won't mention further. It would have been easy to earn a token or two, but I decided to abandon the project and not pursue it. I wanted to create something that added value, something that could help the world, something in bitcoin space!
In the fall of 2022, I finally started working on something that I am convinced of. Something that can really bring joy to people and make one or the other no-coiner think. I started designing the first designs that I can then have printed on various clothing and accessories. I am not a coder, nor am I a great speaker or writer. I wanted to create something that didn't tie me down locally and let me stay flexible. A merchandise store seemed like the right way to go. Yes in Bitcoin-Space there are already some shirts to buy, but I still think that there are far too few. We are still at the beginning, but Bitcoin will prove that it is the only chance to lift our world back into its hinges and I would like to contribute my part.
Since last fall I have been working a lot on my project. Smaller and bigger delays for private and regulatory reasons, have not stopped me from continuing my way and working further on myself and my online store to enrich the Bitcoin space with my designs.
Education alone is what can give us back our freedom and our sovereignty, that's why I also decided to include an Education section and point to the many important sources of knowledge.
Bitcoin has made me a different, in my eyes better, person and shows me every day anew that it is in the hands of each individual to find his happiness. To put one's happiness in the hands of others inevitably leads to disappointments, which only become more painful through further demands on others, until the realization that everyone is the architect of his own happiness.